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Being the Manager of a holiday resort or the proprietor of a boutique hotel your hotel digital marketing strategy sets the stage for how your guests perceive their potential stay.  Online travel agents (OTAs) push guests to buy holiday packages and to get the exposure required, but they don’t improve or get you more bookings, thus pushing up your Marketing ROI.

How we can Help


We will start by pushing your hotel up the search list on the results page (Google Rankings). Being on the first page, this will improve your organic traffic and boost your direct bookings.


Your website is the key to your success. Designing an interactive strong website that provides great user experience ease of access to information and interesting and helpful blogs.

Areas to look for:

  • Design: attractive and interactive
  • Utility: provide the right business tools
  • Convenience: Does your site deliver content to your users?
  • Exposure: How does your site support your business


Marketing is a top priority in the success of your organization. Doing so you will keep your hotel or resort alive. You need to embrace new trends, you need to be able to create new ones.

The hospitality business is a very complex case. You’re continuously in touch with people which can be very difficult to manage their taste, trends or even their expectations. Digital marketing is evolving all the time, your competitors always looking for the best digital channels to attract new guests, therefore pushing you to be ahead of their marketing campaigns. these are a few tips on how to stay relevant right now!

  • Social Media Presence
  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Email marketing

Always think about quality core content!

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Printing House

A lot of Print Business Owners still don't appreciate the impact of digital marketing. It’s understandable. It wasn’t so long ago that print was the primary marketing channel for your clients. Unfortunately, the new generation is mainly attracted to the digital marketing medium.

Research and market trends indicate that clients turn to online sources first when they research products and suppliers. Here’s the thing. If you don’t have an online presence, you simply get missed.

In this model, our client wanted to market his new print production line based on the price-oriented marketing strategy. We were approached to launch his new strategy using our expertise and digital marketing models.

Our approach:

1-The website that should be a collection of all the information that the buyer needs to know to choose to do business with your company.

2- the website should be accessible, responsive for mobile devices, and easy to navigate.

3- Informative- displaying your products, indicating capabilities, and special services, and give visitors a sense of what it’s like to work with your printing company.

more details on the case please send us an email.wissam.melki@thedigicrowd.com